byAlma Abell

There are many things that you can do to improve the exterior of your home, but replacing the siding may provide the best bang for the buck. This is because the siding of a home is one of its most visible components. You have several options for siding including wood slat, vinyl and fiber-cement. Out of all of these, Cement Siding in Omaha NE may be the best choice because of its durability. Unlike wood, fiber-cement siding doesn’t rot and unlike vinyl it doesn’t buckle or crack.


Cement siding is made from Portland cement, sand and a binding fiber, usually a cellulose-based material like wood. The fiber gives the product strength and allows it to be used like lumber. Of course, fiber-cement still requires special care when installing such as drilling nail holes at the end of the planks to avoid breakage and certain manufacturers may specify specific nail sizes and types. Thankfully, your contractor will know all the details and you needn’t worry about these things.

One of the best things about Cement Siding in Omaha NE is the fact that it looks like wood siding. The product can be textured so it has both the look and feel of wood planking and only requires a coat of paint for a proper finish. Unlike wood, fiber-cement is generally painted at the factory or by contractors trained to work with the material. However, repainting the surface is just as easy as regular siding, only it isn’t required quite as often.

Perhaps the most important features of fiber-cement are its durability, resistance to rot and immunity to insects. Fiber-cement provides no food source to damaging insects like termites and it doesn’t soak up moisture like real wood siding. This means it won’t rot or break down like wood siding will. Because it installs like regular wood siding, fiber-cement doesn’t move like vinyl siding does. Properly installed vinyl siding requires space for expansion and contraction and must hang on the building. Plus, fiber-cement can be used for trim which gives your home a uniform look which can last for decades. The estimated service life of fiber-cement siding is at least thirty-five to fifty years. Please Visit the Website to learn more.