Sea bourn pride and spirit



It was used in this immediate first candle; I’m on a very strange concept. Drinking martinis and raspberry glass after glass of champagne, I felt like my wallet was much lighter than usual. But with the Sea bourn Odyssey all inclusive vacation, there was no need to worry about money. I think a reorganization of the spa treatment a person is completely tight. But I was lying by the pool, sipping cocktails in the center of the Mediterranean in the last two days.


Smothered in seaweed, wrapped up in foil; utterly relaxed. I felt like I was floating. And then I realized that I was. And I was not in the last days of access to the vehicle Sea bourn Odyssey in Istanbul. I quickly fell into my amazing and full suite of my chest. Then when I opened the door to my terrace, there was – the sound of the sea, despite 450 people on board, was sailing away drinks on the terrace of the pool is very personal. And this was the case during the entire trip. In fact, had the hallmarks of being a private cruise on a private yacht. Colonnade atmosphere, where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast every morning, proved to be our favorite place to be for dinner. And that was despite stiff competition from the grill terrace, which serves no water and on land to the pizza margarita, the restaurant of choice for classic cuisine restaurant 2 for experimental exquisite tasting menu. And if she was glommed for restaurants too much effort, there was always the possibility of room service menu each day and provides the perfect excuse to enjoy the veranda. Of course, not everything was fine dining and drinking cocktails at the spa (although if I ‘m honest, it was around 80 percent). After calling at Mytilene, Lesvos, the next step of the Tapestry Mediterranean Cruise was Meteora, Volos. Here we have a steam train old and dilapidated leads us directly into the mountain with spectacular views over the sea along the road. The library already contains Yachts of Sea bourn Pride, Sea bourn Spirit and Sea bourn Legend. This new addition consists of a total of 247 suites, four restaurants and bars. It was not just the drinks that impressed. One morning arrival at the restaurant, the Colonnade, small red eyes, I walked past the buffet to enjoy the pleasures to offer, eggs, bacon, cereals, fruit, when suddenly my thoughts were interrupted: “For Miss Jones morning,” said a friendly voice. I saw a boy who had never met to see. The team to learn the names of all guests and plays like the Odyssey Sea bourn exceptional. Then all were waiting for Athens. I found it difficult to understand the history of the Acropolis. After an afternoon exploring incredible, I was overwhelmed and in desperate need of a raspberry martini. After a day in Adios Nikolaos, Crete, where we had the opportunity to swim in the sea, this beautiful yacht sailed quietly to Malta. That was until he heard a splash.

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