Your Mouth Wrinkles – What Strategy Works Best?


Sean Saunders

Aging may cause a lot of changes to happen to the human skin for example wrinkle formation over the facial skin especially near the mouth area. Because females have smaller number blood vessels under the skin in this area and their muscle tissues are connected together in a distinctive manner, their physiological makeup causes them more likely to develop deeper mouth wrinkles. The texture of the skin also becomes thinner as it ages and less of the skin protecting and lubricating collagen protein is produced by the body. As time passes the repetitive actions that the mouth performs on a daily basis, such as sucking, kissing, chewing, pursing and smoking often leads to lines and mouth wrinkles appearing.


There are a variety of things which can be done so as to help prevent the skin from wrinkling around the mouth. While spending time out of doors a good quality sunscreen lotion with a high protection factor must be used to safeguard the sensitive skin around the mouth from uv ray damage. A moisturizing cream with effective substances like collagen should be applied couple of times each day. People who smoke need to stop because this habit damages and dries out the skin layers that surrounds the mouth. If the mouth wrinkles have already made an appearance there are many remedies which can be easily used at home. There is a huge number of anti wrinkle skin creams available therefore it is a good idea to do some research and buy one that has proven ingredients such as collagen included in it. Some of the creams even come with a trial sample pack and money back assurance. Lip plumpers are a new idea that cause the mouth to puff up momentarily and reduce lines. Facial exercises are another recent trend that has had success with reducing mouth wrinkles and other lines on the face. You can find several different types of tools that are available that stimulate the skin layers through many methods in order to minimize wrinkles near the mouth and elsewhere on the face. A low level electrical micro current is employed by micro current equipments in order to increase muscle firmness by stimulating them. The skin layers could be rejuvenated by removing a thin layer of it with the help of a micro dermabrasion machine, leaving the skin surface looking smooth and freed from wrinkles. Botox and dermal fillers are a popular choice for people wanting eliminate mouth wrinkles and other facial lines for a long time. Botox and various other injectable muscle relaxants eliminate age and sun lines by relaxing all of the muscles below the skin so that the wrinkles smooth out. Dermal fillers fill out the uneven indentations of the skin layers so that wrinkles disappear. Many of them employ natural proteins such as collagen. Laser therapies for mouth wrinkles are very effective and the results stay for the longest period of time. There are a variety of different laser treatment plans available. Ablative lasers are more powerful and remove many layers of skin at a time. These are not used by many people nowadays. As an alternative, less powerful non-ablative lasers are employed. This type of laser therapy will not take away too much of the skin layers and can effectively remove wrinkles and fine lines from the skin surface. People should consult their health care provider regarding the option that would work best for their skin problem.

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Your Mouth Wrinkles – What Strategy Works Best?