What are oven packages?


Kate Owen

Oven packages are great when you’re replacing appliances in a built in kitchen. They tend to include an oven and hob of your choice of specification, depending upon what you’re looking for.

The beauty of investing in oven packages is that they’re put together for a reason – because they match. This means you don’t have to trail the nation’s appliance stores searching for a hob to match your oven which, with the wide variety of sizes and colours available, can be quite a chore.

Oven packages are a great alternative option to a freestanding cooker, especially if you’re replacing an old integrated hob and oven. It means you don’t have to cut a hole in your kitchen surfaces, but simply replace the appliance – be very careful when measuring though, you want oven packages to be the right size.


What types of ovens come in oven packages?

You can purchase any type of oven in oven packages. These include; single ovens, double ovens and ovens with a separate grill. What you choose should depend on your cooking habits and the size of your family. For example, larger families may struggle with a single oven and experimental cooks might wish to opt for a dual oven as they often offer more variety.

Gas or electric oven packages?

Whether you choose a gas, electric or dual fuel oven package depends entirely upon the power source you have available. If you have a choice, chefs recommend a gas hob as they offer quick heating and immediate changeability. They are incredibly responsive.

On the other hand a gas hob is not as easy to clean as an electric because it has more nooks and crannies for food and grime to get stuck in. The most easily cleanable hobs are electric ceramic hobs.

In terms of the oven included in

oven packages

, electric is often considered the most convenient. This is because electric ovens often include a fan which heats the cavity in a uniform manner. Gas ovens and conventional electric cookers get hotter towards the top and cooler at the bottom. Whilst this can be good for certain meals such as the Sunday roast, it can mean you get cold spots, which isn’t great for most foods.

Whatever oven package you choose, make sure you take the measurements first as it can be very inconvenient if you make a mistake. Also, ensure you have the right people for the job when it comes to installing the appliance. You’ll need a qualified electrician to fit electric components and a gas safe registered engineer if you have gas.

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