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Paper manufacturers in the United States, seven southern states grow genetically modified eucalyptus forest has criticized the plan, people worried that a large number of introductions of alien species will lead to an imbalance of local natural ecosystems.

According to the Associated Press reported that in South Carolina biotechnology company ArborGen last month received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the next few years, will be conducted at 29 sites and 250 000 trees in the experiment. In some places, small-scale planting of genetically modified trees has been for many years.

Australian eucalyptus is not only growing faster than the native broad-leaved forest, and can output high quality suitable for making paper pulp. But so far, Eucalyptus can grow in warm climates. ArborGen companies were genetically modified eucalyptus to make it resistant to cold, the purpose of this study is to detect the species grown in northern regions. Pilot sites covering a total of seven states in the southern United States, about 300 hectares of land.

Corn, soybeans and other transgenic crops have been very common, and ArborGen’s test marks the first large-scale cultivation of the United States will be genetically modified trees. The company said the young eucalyptus plantation area can be used to produce more wood, are conducive to the preservation of natural forests.


But critics said that while the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure the environment of genetically modified trees will not cause a threat, but the trees on the surrounding environment not yet fully known.

Environmental group Sierra Club (Sierra Club) Genetic Engineering Committee biologist Nierkaman (Neil J. Carman), said: “We hold a number of reservations to the test. The current scientific evidence does not show that this is a good idea. “

Eco Plan Global Equity (Global Justice Ecology Project) Executive Director (Anne Petermann) said that eucalyptus is invasive species, need large amounts of water may lead to falling water tables, and eucalyptus flammable, which will also increase forest wildfires risk. Peterman said: “This is a dangerous species, not large-scale cultivation.”

However, ArborGen President Babalawei Falls (Barbara Wells) said that in many tropical countries, plantation Eucalyptus are widely planted, and there is no evidence that it is an invasive species. Moreover ArborGen has conducted on genetically modified eucalyptus, limiting their ability to spread the seed and spread.

Although ArborGen will greatly enhance the company’s test is the growth of the number of genetically modified trees, Wells said the test is still “very limited research.”Wells said: “The test area of 300 hectares, for the study of trees, this really is a very small area.” She pointed out that the roots for the production of wood chips and mulch, central and southern Florida, has planted 20,000 hectares GM Eucalyptus. ArborGen’s trial will test whether genetically modified trees grown in the cold northern regions.

Wood (Donald Rockwood) is a University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation professor emeritus, he has been working 30 years for eucalyptus planting in Florida. But Rockwood using traditional breeding techniques, rather than transgenic technology.

ArborGen hired Rockwood issue a report of the eucalyptus aggressive. Rockwood said the growth in Florida plantations of transgenic trees has not confirmed that aggressive, but higher water use efficiency of Eucalyptus, and not more flammable than other hardwoods.

Nevertheless, Rockwood also said the introduction of any genetically modified species will bring the risk, if we allow trees to resist cold genes may transfer into the surrounding plants, to present to the colder northern spread. Rockwood said: “The introduction of transgenic species, of course, be carefully conducted, should carry out supervision, the same time, needs to be clearly defined period of observation.”

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