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Because of the recent nuclear power plant melt down in Japan, potassium iodide tablets have become incredibly popular almost over night. Potassium iodide assists individuals in defending from tyroid cancer after a consistent exposure to radioactive iodine. KI (aka: Potassium Iodide) offers a substantial way to defend oneself in those scenarios. Radioactive iodine is a type of radioactive material which is often created in atomic explosions. It is easily taken up by the thyroid gland, frequently leading to cancer as a result.

The potassium iodide saturates the thyroid gland with this stable type of iodide, reducing its ability to take in the radioactive iodide and thereby decreasing the danger of thyroid cancer. Children particularly, are at risk, and can benefit from using KI tablets. In 1982, the FDA certified IOSAT potassium iodide tablets for preventing the thyroid’s assimilation of cancer-causing radioactive iodine.

KI should only be used in a radiation crisis involving the discharge of radioactive iodine. Although the FDA has sanctioned potassium iodide capsules to be used as an emergency measure in an nuclear emergency, you should know that they can not guard against other types of cancers, radiation poisoning or DNA damage. Regrettably, no clinical tests are available that have examined whether or not using Potassium Iodide in nuclear disasters could help protect animals as well.


Iodine pills have the identical element utilized in potassium iodide dietary supplementation tablets but with an increased dose. The dosage for radiation protection is over 100 times that of the normal dietary dosage (RDI). 130 milligrams of Potassium Iodide is the normal daily dosage recommended by the FDA for an adult to provide protection against radiation. Be sure to stick to the instructions imprinted on the product label and don’t surpass the recommended dosage. Keep in mind that 1 milligram means 1,000 micrograms, so when compared the normal dietary dosage, which is measure in micrograms, a person would have to take perhaps hundreds of dietary supplement pills daily to get the necessary quantity of iodine for radiation protection. Capsules can be consumed with any drink you want: orange juice, sodas, milk, water, etc.

Females who are breastfeeding should take the regular dose as should their children, following the recommended dose for the kids. Children approaching adult weight (175 pounds if not otherwise specified) ought to get the adult dose, regardless of age. Expecting woman should use with caution as there is a chance of fetal harm with thyroid dysfuntion.

Potassium iodide is normally widely available without a prescription, however do the recent run on the products, it is now difficult to find, even online.

The government stocks a substantial quantity for use in the event of an emergency, and some states have given coupons to people situated close to nuclear facilities.

Potassium iodide capsules are inherently stable and have a long shelf life. Potassium iodide is most useful when utilized prior to or immediately after exposure to radioactive iodine. It is only suggested any time you will find significant amounts of radioactive iodine released into the air, and exposure is quite possible. It is usually distributed to individuals located near nuclear power plants in the event of a radiation-releasing atomic accident.

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