By Salihu Ibrahim

When stressed up, we experience physical and emotional depression and this can result in us performing below standard. The way we perceive and react to stress is a determining factor with regard to our success or failure in our work place.

Stress in work place could be as a result of pressure from our superiors, or misunderstanding between colleagues and the likes. And sometimes we tend to deal with stress passively. But it has been noted that been passive or ignoring a stressful situation with the hope that it will just fizzle out is an unhealthy way to deal with stress. On the contrary, it may get back to you, especially when you overreact to such stressful condition. The resultant effect of inability to control stress at workplace is the growth of unhealthy relationship that consequently will lead to depression anxiety and physical health problems. Such a situation can lead to low productivity and inability to cope with simple routine jobs.


However, our perception of stress is a great determinant of our ability to perform under it. At times, pressure from our superiors to meet up certain deadlines or schedule can be a propelling factor that will enhance our performance and keep us focused. It could serve as a challenge for us to carry out even the most difficult of tasks. A typical example of those who need stress as a stimulant or motivation are athletes. When faced with possible defeat, they will need this extra boost of certain hormones to better their performance.

On the other hand, if stress draws a negative response, it will deter productively. If pressure, deadlines and problems caused by daily interaction with co-workers are viewed negatively, then discontent, will set in resulting in probable physical health problems and consequently lower productivity. A heightened level of negative perception of a working situation could result in negative thought crowding the brain. Despite the fact that the capacity of the brain is very large, only few or limited capacity recalls events, plans, discussion or the likes. So if the brain is over-hauled with negativity, the decision making ability is interfered with and performance ability is adversely affected.

So, you may need to learn to manage stress in workplace by identifying a supportive group and learn to focus on your goals despite distraction here and there and you will be glad you did at the end.

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