By Ella Jasmine Hall

Tips in Choosing the Right Cat Carrier for Your Cat

Cat is one of the favorite pets of adults and children because they are not only cute, friendly and adorable, but they are also great stress reliever as well. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to bring your cat to the veterinarian for regular check ups but it is not that easy to bring cats outside the home as they get stressed and afraid with the mere sight of cars. How can you bring them to the vet if the cat is afraid to go out of the house? Can you bring her without risking her safety?

With cat carrier, this is possible because cats can be stored inside this thing safely and securely. This is the primary reason why cat carrier is a must have item for cat owners.

Reason to have a cat carrier


It is an obligatory item for cat owners because with it, you can bring your cat anywhere you go without risking her safety and without losing sight of your pet as well. This holds true for those who love to travel and like to bring their pet along with them. Remember that it is a nightmare for cats to be on the streets and when they are lost. Good if there are good Samaritan who is kind enough to return your cat to you or bring it to the cat shelter for safe keeping. What would happen to your cat if she gets lost in the streets with no one to depend on? She will get starved and much worse, get an accident in the street, right? You would not let this thing happen to your cat, right? To avoid it from happening, it is best to buy a cat carrier as early as now. With the different types of cat carrier sold in stores and pet shops, how can you select the right type for your pet?

How to choose a suitable carrier for you cat?

Bear in mind that cats have different personalities and behaviors. More so, buying a carrier is not that easy because you need to consider the type of carrier and the reason for buying one. Before buying a carrier, you need to consider the durability and quality of the carrier. You should select those which have strong doors and can withstand the strength and ability of cats to push it out. Cats have extraordinary strength when they are frightened, thus they can escape the carrier by pushing the door of the carrier. Do not buy carriers which have flimsy doors and inserts because these are not durable. Be sure to invest in durable carriers with strong metal doors.

The different types of cat carriers and their functions:

Soft sided cat carriers – This cat carrier is suitable for calm and relaxed. This is not suitable for those who are anxious, nervous and stressed because they can easily ripped it out with their claws. This carrier comes in different styles and colors and can also be personalized as well.

Hard-shelled cat carriers – This is the best carrier to invest in because it is durable and sturdy. It is long-lasting and you can be sure that your cats cannot escape from it. Most of the hard-shelled cat carrier have metal or or durable plastic gates, solid top and bottom and with air vents at both sides. This is suitable for air travel and for daily travel as well.

Cardboard cat carriers – This is only suitable for kittens and for transporting cats during emergencies. They are not strong and durable and can be ripped off easily.

With the three choices of cat carriers mentioned above, you already know which one suits your cat best. Happy shopping!

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