The battery life of your e-cigarette depends on the specific battery as well as the e-cig you are using. Having an electronic cigarette charger on you at all times helps you to avoid those frustrating situations when the battery gives out when you aren’t close to home.

As a general approximation of what you can expect, most batteries can have their expected lifespan measured in puffs. While you may not actually count puffs while vaping, a good generalization is:

  • 650 mAh batteries are good for 400 puffs

  • 900 mAh batteries for about 800 puffs

  • 1100 mAh batteries for about 1000 puffs

It is a good idea to keep track of how often you use your e-cig and the type of life you typically get out of it. That way, you know when it may be running low so you can have an electronic cigarette charger when the time comes.

USB Chargers

For use in the office, the car and even when working on the computer at home, the new USB electronic cigarette chargers are a great option for all vapers. These are small and compact and will fit into any powered USB slot in your computer or charger.

Some even offer a longer than average cable, allowing you to charge away from your computer or rest your e-cig on the passenger seat to charge while you are driving.

Be careful to choose an electronic cigarette charger that fits your specific type of e-cigarette system battery. Failing to use the right charger can damage the battery with just one charge.

While many of the new batteries have a micro USB port for charging, others use customized connections, which means you will have to use their electronic cigarette charger or buy an additional adaptor.

Multiple Battery Chargers

For those who have more than one type of e-cig, a multiple battery charger, or a digital universal charger, is a great investment. These systems will automatically detect the type of battery and charge in accordance with what’s best.

While these electronic cigarette chargersare more expensive than a single normal charger, they solve the storage issues of having multiple chargers for each different type of battery. It’s also usually cheaper to just have one charger you can use for all your batteries. These systems typically work with a USB charger but may use a standard wall outlet plugin depending on the brand and the style selected.

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