Bill Clinton to visit Romania

Friday, April 8, 2005

Bill Clinton will visit Romania to act as a keynote speaker at the BeyondBorders 2005 branding conference

Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States of America, will make a visit to Romania on May 21, to participate as the keynote speaker at the BeyondBorders 2005 conference in Bucharest. The conference will have the theme of “Branding a Country: Building a Reputation from Within” and is the inaugural BeyondBorders conference launched by the Brand Academy, the first Romanian institution dedicated to brand education.

Clinton’s previous visit to Romania was July 11, 1997, when he visited the country to promote political and military integration around the time of the NATO Summit. He was the first US president to visit Romania since the Romanian Revolution of 1989 that overthrew the Communist regime.

The BeyondBorders 2005 will focus on developing a strategy to promote Romania abroad

The BeyondBorders 2005 conference will focus on strategies to brand Romania and promote it to the world. In recent years, Romania has realised the need for branding and for improving its image in the world in order to fuel prosperity. Branding would focus on building a reputation a positive reputation for the country abroad and emphasising its authentic values. The conference organisers hope that it will act as a springboard for an integrated national branding project for Romania.

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