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The Method Pilates, also known as the Method or Pilates Method, has long been described by many experts and professionals as the perfect exercise system. But, what really is the reason behind this description?

For long years, the Method Pilates has been performed by athletes. Yes, athletes love the Method. In fact, most of the Pilates practitioners have worked with athletes whose progress in their chosen sport or art has been hindered by tight muscles, injuries or simply needing to be strengthened in a new way.While other forms of exercise focus on building muscle bulk or cardiovascular stamina, the Pilates Method exercise stresses and highlights the importance of deliberate movement in which both mind and body are fully engaged. As what many Pilates instructors often said, the Pilates Method exercise is a conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, strength and coordination. It upholds principles that seek to increase awareness of the body as a single integrated unit to enhance breathing and alignment, as well as to increase efficiency of movement.During exercise, Pilates experts claimed that many of the deeper muscles work simultaneously, improving the coordination and achieving efficient and graceful movement. Well, note that every Pilates workout exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm and breathing pattern. Accordingly, breathing aids in directing energy to vital areas while relaxing and calming the rest of the body. A basic principle of the Pilates Method is that people think of their bodies as single integrated units. With this principle, the Pilates Method seeks to establish a stable central core around which all movement takes place.The Method Pilates can also be useful for those people who have chronic tension. One particular reason to support this claim is that the Method, being a strengthening and body conditioning system will help the body release tension. As the body releases tension, it gains more flexibility and truly strengthens. Note that the injury mainly occurs when the muscle has lost its flexibility or suppleness.The Method Pilates, on its most basic, focuses on working and strengthening the small muscle groups, which are the intrinsic muscles. These small muscles are actually the ones responsible for the core support of the body. Note that most strengthening programs work primarily on the large muscle groups. But, on the Method Pilates, the small muscle groups are strengthened first in order to change the placement of the bones, which are the framework of the body. As these muscles strengthen, the impinged nerves, muscles and bones are released from being crammed together to a freedom in their range of motion. So, they can move freely.As you may know, several problems are set to happen as we aged. Thus, the Method Pilates gives us a way to train you for your future. Starting the Method Pilates is much like investing money for your retirement. Note that strong bones and muscles, good posture, positive attitude and freedom of movement can be worth more to you because of the improvement to the quality of your life.

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